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              Friday, August 23, 2013

              Great Store & Great Resources, Grogg's Green Barn

              Grogg's Green Barn, Tulsa Oklahoma
              I wanted to share with you a great place I wondered into... Grogg's Green Barn.  This is Oklahoma's first organically focused & native plant garden center and is located in Tulsa.  The employees were passionate to educate and help the public find and grow organically. 

              I really enjoyed myself and found so many products and solutions I have never seen or heard of. In stock were several heirloom tomato varieties and many herbs, all organically grown at various sizes. They also offer free classes to the public several times a month. A neat surprise was in the back of the property was a very interesting chicken coop with chickens and a living herb roof!

              If you are a Tulsa local - go check it out & if you live out of town, make it a point to come check this place out!

              One of the products I learned about while at Grogg's was Nolo Bait. It seems that we are having terrible grasshopper problems in Oklahoma this year & Nolo Bait is a certified organic biological insecticide.

              Photo Courtesy of Grogg's Green Barn's website

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              Monday, July 22, 2013

              Do you have Produce to Donate?

              Have your tomato plants started pumping out more tomatoes than you can eat? I sure hope so. If you are being over run with more produce than you can handle, I have a very easy solution for you.

              Oklahoma Gardening a few weeks back featured Ample Harvest. This non-profit maintains a database of Food Pantries by Zip Code that desire fresh produce donations from local gardeners.
              Donate Home Grown Produce
              Just in my Zip Code alone there were 15 locations listed.  I have been donating to the college where I teach.  The students really enjoy the variety of foods and plants I bring in.  The reason I donate there is two fold. First because it is very convenient for me to drop it off; second, because there a so many in need.

              A few questions that the site covers are ones such as what if you only have one type of produce or even just a few pieces.  Would the food bank still want your food.  The answer is Yes! The produce you bring will be pooled with that of other backyard gardeners in your area. Also, food is not required to be organically grown.

              Remember, the key thing is that food should not be wasted, especially when so many Americans are having a hard time feeding their families.

              Your bounty, large or small, will help to diminish hunger in America. 

              Hopefully you were able to plant a few extra plants this year, or plan to for the fall, and will be soon be able to donate produce.  Please let us know if you are able to donate. Don't forget to encourage your friends as well.

              This is a great way to demonstrate God's love, so be sure to get your children envolved!

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              Friday, April 12, 2013

              Come get your Free Tomato Plant!

              Free Tomato Plants!
              Come on out and see me tomorrow Saturday, April 13th at the Tulsa Dream Center. I will be there with ORU Nursing students who will be teaching healthy eating and living practices.

              We will be giving away tomato seedlings!

              I will also be teaching how to re-pot seedlings, as well as how to harden plants off and plant them outdoors. I will also be discussing how to grow more food for less money, allowing you to bless others with your excess.

              Tulsa Dream Center
              200 W 46th St N
              Tulsa, OK 74106

              Saturday, April 13th 2013
              11am -2pm

              Friday, February 8, 2013

              Join Glory Gardening on Facebook!

              Glory Gardening now on Facebook!  Please be among the first to join Glory Gardening on Facebook. Doing so will make it easier to share your favorite articles, keep up with events and raise awareness of The Great American Tomato Project.

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              Thursday, November 29, 2012

              Where it all began

              As I was watching my weekly fix of Oklahoma Gardening on TV I was struck by a segment on the Oklahoma Food Bank and others desperately needing fresh produce. The brief segment, aimed at home gardeners, asked them to donate their extra crops to their local food bank.

              At the time I had already been taking my extra produce, mainly cantaloupe & tomatoes, to a Faith Based student group at a local college that operates on 100% donated food.  When they don’t have food, they can’t operate and people miss meals.
              I realized that I had been called to do more. In the beginning I thought it was to just plant some extra plants. Then I realized that using my God given gifts, I needed to raise awareness and enlist others in this worthy cause.  Alone I am limited by what I can physically plant and harvest, but united we can do so much more. Together, we can make a substantial impact on hunger and health across America. 

              I’m not talking about ditching the grass and filling your backyard with food producing plants, just planning a few extra plants and donating those crops.  Even if you don’t have a yard, you can make an impact by container gardening indoors or out.
              By utilizing the information this blog aims to provide, we will have fun and be more efficient gardeners.  Saving time and money, though healthy organic gardening practices we will grow and give more. 

              Please join us!