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            1. Friday, August 2, 2013

              Update on Jelly Bean Tomato Plants

              Prolific Tomatoes on Jelly Bean Plant
              I am going to have to say my new favorite tomato and tomato plant is the Jelly Bean variety. While all of my other tomato plant varieties are void of juicy red tomatoes at the moment, this one single plant is pumping out more Jelly Bean tomatoes than our family can eat. Hard to believe, but there are plenty more on the plant in various stages and colors. 

              This article is an update to a previous article, Are your Jelly Bean Tomatoes Ripe.  While my previous review was a tad negative on the plant, I am extremely pleased with the plant just a few days later.

               The tomatoes are various sizes when ripe, as can be seen in the picture below. Some are smaller than a quarter and some are much larger. Besides the output of this plant, I really like the texture of these tomatoes.

              Normal Cherry Tomatoes seem to squirt in my mouth and honestly it grosses me out just a bit.  These Jelly Bean's don't pop or squirt, which I really really like.  They aren't sweet as the package claims, but they sure are tasty.  My 18 month old asks to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I do cut the larger ones in quarters for her, just to be on the safe side.

              Varying tomato sizes on Jelly Bean Tomato Plant
              The unfortunate thing about this plant though is that the Jelly Bean is a hybrid, so it's seeds if collected from the tomato won't produce the same plant next year.

              This means that I will be purchasing lots of seeds.  This will hands down be Glory Gardening's main plant to give away next year.

              If you received one of these plants from Glory Gardening, or started some on your own, please share your thoughts on the plant.

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              This is the Variety that I Grow.

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