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            1. Thursday, August 22, 2013

              Retain Garlic's Cancer Fighting and Antibacterial Properties when Cooking

              Garlic has many wonderful medicinal properties. It is known as a cancer fighter, an antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anticlotting.  All of this is possible due to Allicin, which is the active compound in garlic. This wonderful compound is only created when garlic is minced or chopped, causing enzymes to come in contact with each other.
              Wait 10 min to retain Garlic's Cancer Fighting Properties
              However, most of these properties of garlic are lost if you prepare the garlic incorrectly. According to an article titled, "Eat on the Wild Side" in the June 2013 Prevention Magazine, the only way to retain these healing properties is to wait 10 minutes from the time you mince the garlic before you cook with it. Otherwise you destroy the enzymes before they have had the chance to create Allicin.

              Normally I mince my garlic and then throw it in a pan of olive oil. The first time I cooked after reading this article I had to do things a bit out of order.  I went ahead and prepared my garlic and left it sitting on the chopping board for 10 minutes while I got all the other items for dinner out. I then started chopping my other veggies, still waiting for 10 minutes to pass. It seemed like it took forever.

              However, for all of the properties of garlic, especially home grown garlic... I think I can wait an additional 10 minutes on it.

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              1. Thank you for this very helpful article. I was aware that garlic had healing properties and having been using it for several years, however I have been doing it wrong! Thank you for this wonderful tip! This is an excellent site and I am enjoying this blog.


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