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            1. Wednesday, December 19, 2012

              Using Snake -Layering to Propagate Plants

              I just finished up reading what I consider a must have book, Grow Your Food for Free (well almost) by Dave Hamilton. In his book he takes the throw down a branch technique I wrote about in, Want a new plant? Get it Free by Propagation, a step further.  

              Snake-Layering that Dave teaches in this book is simply repeating the step of touching the same branch to the ground except doing it multiple times.  You will need a longer branch to do this of course.  He recommends doing this with longer vines such as kiwis. He points out that layering is one of nature’s natural ways to propagate plants by itself.

              Materials Needed:
              Bush or Plant you wish to propagate

              Begin by using the detailed method outlined in my article “Want a new plant? Get it Free by Propagation.” Now add Snake-Layering by pegging down (with rock) two or three sections of the vine and cover them with dirt.  *Note, you do not have to have leaves showing between your pegged down spots. Leaves will eventually grow between there.

              Each section will eventually root and at each point that it does, you will have a new plant.  Make sure to check each section for adequate roots before you snip away the new plants from their mother. This process will generally take about six months to a year.

              If you are patient, you will end up with multiple replicas of the parent plant.  What a great way to add more of your favorite plant to your yard or gift it to a friend.


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