Monday, December 3, 2012

Using Edible Bushes as Screening or Fencing

Do you need a little privacy or wish to hide that not so attractive meter in your yard? If space is valuable or you are just looking for something a little different, why not use an edible bush or tree?  As your plant matures it will obscure your eyesore and at the same time provide you with a tasty treat.

Of course the Blue Berry bush, Apple and Pear tree come immediately to mind, but why not try something not as common? Depending on your zone and your pallet you can come up with some very interesting options.  Grow varieties that you are not able to find in your local grocery store or grow your favorites in your yard for significantly less money.

Young Peach Tree in December

I plan to add a Rosemary bush, Blue Berry and Raspberry Bush to our yard this spring. This past spring we planted a Peach tree.  The tree looks great, even in December, and is doing very well. This past summer we harvested three amazingly sweet peaches from it and our dog Duke picked one also!

At Plants for a Future you can scroll through the hundreds of plants that are edible. They also have an interactive tool on their website that allows you to search for a plant by its edible use, such as making tea or even disinfectant from.

If you think you couldn’t possibly eat all the fruit that your plant would produce – even better! Share, Share, Share

Please share with us what new edible bush you plan to plant below.

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