Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Drip Irrigation System – the Repurpose way!

Do you have a plant or tree that is a pain in the rump to water? Do you ask yourself every time you drag your water hose over to it, why in the world did I plant this here? Maybe you are going on vacation and you don’t want to worry if your plants will be alive when you get back.
Here is a Free easy way to create your own drip irrigation system. The best part is that it only takes about 10 minutes to setup from start to finish! 

This is also a great project to enlist kids to help you with! Little shovels are perfect and since the project only takes a few minutes to complete, kids will be able to finish without losing interest.

Materials Needed:
Empty Gallon Milk Container or 2 litter Pop Bottle with a lid
Ice Pick, Punch, Nail, or something sharp to poke holes
Kids (if available)

You are going to use 1 Milk Container or Bottle for each 4 foot circumference area you wish to water. After you determine what plants, bushes, or trees you would like to water add up how many containers you are going to need. You will repeat the method for each one.

Kid's Gardening Project
Method: Using something sharp, you will poke 4 small holes in the bottom of the plastic container. The more holes you poke the faster the water will drain from your container, meaning you will have to refill it more often.  If you have a water hungry plant, I suggest sinking more bottles in the ground instead of poking more holes. This way you will have to drag the hose out less often.

Next, you will dig a hole deep enough and wide enough to sink your bottle into the ground leaving only the spout above ground. Keep the lid on the bottle to keep dirt out and remove when you are refilling it. I keep my spout about one inch above the ground, this way I can easily find it, but low enough so that the lawn mower can pass over without damaging the bottle.

Repurposed Drip Irrigation Container
Now place your bottle in the hole, replace the dirt around it. Tamp the dirt down around the bottle. Grab your hose and fill the bottle.  If the ground is dry you will notice the water level in the bottle drop in a few minutes.  If your ground is moist then it will take longer before you notice the level drop.

Filling Drip Irrigation Container

You have a Free, scalable, and easy to manage drip irrigation system that delivers water directly to the roots of the plants. You are also free to go on vacation and not worry about that tree or bush that your sprinkler or other watering system doesn’t reach.  Just don’t forget to check on it periodically and add water If you have enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends.

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